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it is all about telling your story.

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decors by vanbrussel ccp


Creating an image means using and combining the right components. If we can not find what we are looking for we will design it and have it manufactured ourselves.

interiors by vanbrussel ccp


Whether it’s your private home or your store, the interior is all about taste and your space. With a clear vision of design and decoration but within the boundaries of your wishes we will create a customized ambiance, a synergy between us and the client. Your idea of comfort and functionality translated into a concept of the space you use daily.

events by vanbrussel ccp


To us an event is more than just an activity. From invitation to entertainment and catering to decoration we consider your event as a total experience. That’s why we only work tailor made. We are aiming to achieve what we are best at: translating emotions into visuals. Together with you, our expertise and our suppliers we can create your story.

products by vanbrussel ccp


vanbrussel ccp designs products for windows, decoration in stores and for interiors. In 2014 we launched a new product line. The world is too serious! So we named it MADDNES, the adjective for ‘everything but boring’. With unusual products that aren’t your average, everyday style. Add MADDNES to your interior; wear MADDNES for extra Fashion fun. Just add a touch of MADDNES to everyday life. It's MADDNES House of Design.

vanbrussel creative concepts & projects